-Young Collectors-
The New Young Collector's Table was established and manned by Joe Zelinski and others with Donated Coins from the Richard White Memorial Fund & Others. Coins were provided for the Young Collectors to redeem their Young Collector Dollars. Joe & others  are sitting up at both Monthly Shows - Ft. Lauderdale & Hollywood.


Young Collectors was started in 2012 when Richard White’s Widow donated his Lincoln Cents to our coin clubs. We have tables set up at each of our monthly shows for Young Collectors to get started with Coin Collecting. A Young Collector Dollar is given to each Young Person 14 years or younger to spend on coins that we have priced for Young Collectors.

They can also get a free World Coin from our table as well as bookmarks, flyers, coin magazines, and coin folders. One of each item at each show. We are there to help them get started in their hobby.

We are also going into the schools to do Career Day talks about Coins. We are aslo going to Hollywood Hills Elementary School and doing presentations on coins for our third year. We give a hour talk to Third, Fourth and Fifth graders. We introduce the Cent coins the first year, the Nickel coins the second year and the Dime coins the third year. We are starting again with the Cent coins this year.

Also at Hollywood Hills we are hosting a Coin Club with Third, Fourth, and Fifth graders, that meets once a month for one hour in the After School Prograam at that school. We worked on the Lincoln Cents last year with them and will work with Jefferson Nickels this year.

We get donations from our Vendors, as well as ANA, FUN, Whitman Publishing Company and Wizard Coins Supplies to help us with our efforts with the Young Collectors.

Any schools that are interested in having us for Career Day or in the After School Program can contact us.


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